sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

Chandelle + Toxic Bish + Adoness + YoPulga + Alterego + Paradisis + label motion + D0LLz + Candy Nail + Acide! + ABS & WCF / GSP / TTB / Hunt

New * CHANDELLE * Top Bella. (cores) No Free;
New calça  * CHANDELLE *  Pants Leky. (cores) No Free;
Unhas FREE MDL - Red Nails (ative a tag);
New ABS Skin Michelle The Tropicalia Bazaar GIFT (subscribe);
New brincos  * CHANDELLE *  Earring Sine. pink No Free;
New  * CHANDELLE *  Bracelet Sine1. pink No Free;
New salto ANIMAL HUNT #07  * CHANDELLE * ;
New colar [Acide!] Entete - Rose - Unisex for Grunge Soul Project;
New Tenjin Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes Tattoo 
Cabelo - LoQ
Tattoo "Devassa" - Katattoo
Shape - M&M

Sofá com 10 poses FREE -. label motion .- Valencia sofa Subscribe Marco 2012;
Poses  -. label motion .-  Freebie (pack com 6 poses);
New vestido PARADISIS Toxic Bitch for  Whore Couture Fair  No Free;
New #4#SAH Hunt  * CHANDELLE *   10L;
New unhas Candy Nail #PS005 Rose Garden Classic FREE (ative a tag);
New  * CHANDELLE *  Shoe Barbie  The Tropicalia Bazaar 
 - exclusive color No Free;
.::D0LLz::. Shape Sharona No Free.

New Camisa .::YoPulga::. Pink Leopard Spiker Shirt  Whore Couture Fair 
No Free;
Short ::AlterEgo:: Booty Shorts - FREE.
Unhas WTG

New mini vestido Toxic Bish Summer MiniDress lemon No Free;
New unhas Adoness - Killer Queen Nails No Free;
New brincos  * CHANDELLE *  Earring Sine. Simple yellow No Free;
New  * CHANDELLE *  Bracelet Sine1. yellow No Free.
Meias - CHANDELLE (hunt antigo)
Cabelo - Truth
Tattoo - Para Designs
Shape - M&M

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